Sunday, March 16, 2008

St. Paddy's Eve

Before St. Patrick's Day (when I'm bound to take a picture or two and post them) and certainly before we leave for D. World, I figured I'd better post these pictures:

So, it snowed here (amazing I know) last Friday night/ Saturday morning. Our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt went down without a hitch and the kids had a great time hunting for the eggs in the "snow."

This is ML, she has just discovered there is candy inside the eggs. She is saying, "Open, open, open." in rapid succession.

And like good parents, we obeyed orders and did "open" so here she is with her mouth stuffed with candy.

JR and the infamous "worlds largest Easter basket." Word to the wise, don't order the Pottery Barn Kids 21" (if they still offer it!)

I couldn't resist posting this pic of the neighborhood "babies."

Dino Land

Saturday was the grand opening of the dinosaur exhibit at the Gardens. We braved the rain to check it out.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hang Time

In keeping with the crazy pace of our Spring travel plans, Rob flew up and back to Milwakee last weekend for the Marquette Alumni Weekend. Had a great time visiting some great friends. Hey, hey for old Marquette, etc.

Just before Rob left, he and Darin tried out the Freemans new Wii. Thanks to Shannon for these great pics!