Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sprinkling Reindeer food in the front yard Christmas Eve.

This was the sight that greeted us outside our front door. First snow here on Christmas since 1989! (and even in '89 it was a tenth of an inch. We got 3 inches!)

Momma and Daddy snowmen (snow lady?)

Awwww..... snow people love.

Ache-y Break-y Haircut

It's a well known fact that I love a little girl in a hairbow. Ever since the first day the ultrasound tech told us we were having a girl, I've had nothing but dreams of a baby girl in a bishop with the largest bow I could possibly fit on her little head. (It builds neck strength right? - Who needs tummy time, when you've got a hairbow?)

Well, as our little princess has grown, she's taken to having just a few opinions about her hair. Just a few. Every morning she dictates her hairstyle - ponytail, braid, etc. But the weekend before Christmas, she made her biggest hair statement yet.

I was in the kitchen cooking up some sort of yummy treat, when all of the sudden ML walks in and says, "Mommy, something has happened to my hair." I looked over and sure enough, something HAD happened to her hair.

She had a mullet.

She had gotten a pair of scissors and chopped off one side of her hair and then the other, leaving the back in all of it's much longer glory.

After I recovered, (and comforted us both. ML started crying saying that she looked like a boy and that she wasn't beautiful anymore. Which I assured her was not true!) I took ML to see our favorite hair stylist, Ms. Kristi - so thankful she was working and willing to accept us on such short notice!

We now have a darling little bob, that looks just precious on ML. (And thankfully, is long enough for a hairbow...........)

Business in the front (doesn't she look so innocent?)

Party in the back