Monday, January 25, 2010

Recipe for a Wonderful Christmas - Part 1

2 batches of fresh snow
5 visits to Santa,
Endless amounts of new toys,
tons of family fun

Stir well and find:
One wonderful Christmas!
Have a wonderful Dad/ Husband who will cut down your tree. Year. After. Year. All in the name of memories, and all with no (okay, minimal) complaining.

Practice your "cow calls" while you wait on said father to cut down chosen tree. You know. Just in case.

Feed the Reindeer.

Hello Santa #1

Build the best snowman you can get when it snows a 1/2 inch in AL and your Daddy shovels the entire front yard.

Ride the Santa Train with cousins.

Have Santa come to visit and bring Disneyworld with him.

Build Gingerbread houses.

Christmas 2009 - Part 2

Go see Santa again - Guess he got off the train?

Go see Santa with your cousins again - Hey! This Santa looks familiar! :-)

Attend at least one fantastic dinner party with friends.

Finish your first ballet & receive your flowers.

Head to Chicago for even more presents & cousin time!

Tea party with your oldest cousin.

More snow. This time in Chicago.

See your first movie at the Pickwick.

Have your doll's hair done.

Get ready to party your way through 2010!