Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little Extra Magic

It's no secret that our family has become Disney-aholics.  As in tour book owning, message board posting, DVC loving, we-went-three-times-in-18-months Disney-aholics.

People often ask me for advice on what to do, where to eat, and any little things that will make their vacation a little more "magical."  The photos above are one of my new favorites!  

If you make a trip to Disney and don't utilize Disney Photopass you are really missing out.  Even the best of photographers can't manage to put themselves IN the photo, when they are the ones TAKING ALL the photos!  And how many of we moms -and sometimes dads- are guilty of the "Hey Mom, were you even on this trip?" photo syndrome?  You know the one where you spent so much time taking the pictures, you forgot to actually put yourself IN the pictures?
Disney Photopass will allow your children to see that you were, in fact, actually there for the family vacation to Disney (just try to take off the fanny pack before they snap the shutter - trust me, we still give my mom a LOT of ribbing for that one!)

But, back to the photos above - in each Disney park there are special "animated" photos that can be taken.  In the Animal Kingdom (shown above) you can take your photo holding baby Simba.  In the Magic Kingdom, you can hold Tinkerbell.  Simply ask a Disney Photopass Cast Member (that's what they call their employees) about these photos and they'll be happy to "stage" you.  
One last tip.  You can easily take over 150+ Photopass photos in one trip.  Be sure to save a TON of money by ordering your photopass CD before you go .  Yes, you read that right - order your CD before you go and you'll save $50 off the price of just the CD.  
Hope you have a magical time!
And if you have any extra room in your car - give me a call - I'll be happy to tag along, you won't even have to ask twice!