Friday, April 1, 2011

If they don't Win, It's a Shame!

Whelp. No "W" over Wrigley today - but there's always tomorrow! AND THIS IS THE YEAR!!!!

Right? Hope springs eternal for a Cubs fan!

Today was slightly bittersweet for us at the Owen's house. This is the first time in a long time we haven't made it to opening week. We were there last year at Turner Field for the Season Opener:

Perfect weather + third largest crowd in Turner Field history + Atlanta traffic = nightmare at the beginning of the game!

Cub's worst opening day loss since 1898 (or something close! I swear! I'm totally not making that up!) = painful end to the game. But honestly we were so glad to be there and everything about that day was so memorable. I love that we can say, "We were there."

In 2009, we didn't make it to opening day, but we made it to opening week - at Wrigley Field! Woot! I think we were playing the Cardinals. It was a great game (I *think* we won!) and it was made all the more special because Big Daddy's dad, was able to come with us.

I love this picture. One of my favorites:

But, since we took of 8 days of school to go to Disney in December, plus it was supposed to be freezing in Chicago, we decided to skip Opening Week this year, in hopes of seeing the Cubbies over Memorial Day weekend and in August when they will be in Atlanta.

I still wanted to make this day extra special, so yesterday the kids and I made some "snack boxes" using old shoe boxes, construction paper, and some black ribbon. At Wrigley Field (like all other ball parks I'm sure), the vendors walk up and down the stands selling hot dogs, cokes, 'adult beverages', and a million other things. The seating is so tight, that if you are 20 people in, you just pass your money down the aisle and then the vendor passes back your change and your food/ drink.

So, I made a little ribbon 'holder' for our boxes, so they looked like a Cubbies vendor box:

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

They were a hit! And now I wish I'd made them a little more durable, because the kids want to use them all weekend.

We made it home from school in the 6th inning, and we were excited to sing "Take Me Out the Ballgame" with the rest of the crowd. Despite the fact we couldn't actually be at the game, JR was more excited in a way, to come home and watch the game on TV, because Big Daddy has told him stories about coming home after school to watch the games when he was a kid.

Tradition. It's the little things that count!

Go, Cubs, go!