Saturday, April 7, 2012


It's been an Easter-y few days for us! On Friday, I went to ML's school Easter egg hunt and party.

Here's ML and one of her best friends this year. I was so nervous about being at a new school for just one year, but God has blessed ML with so many (much prayed for) friends! It has been such an awesome year!

After a quick Easter party lunch, we headed right over to JR's school where they were dedicating the land for the new school building that will start construction this summer. It was a great event (read: short, but sweet :-) with all sorts of Congressmen and dignitaries there.

It culminated in the revealing of the large sign along the street with the front design of the school.

As soon as we were finished there, we headed up to my parent's house to dye Easter eggs with my nieces. My mom's playhouse/ potting shed, looks so adorable right now!

My mom is slowly turning it into a potting shed because my nieces don't play in there as often now that they have the treehouse/ fort. So I was so glad to see ML and my niece tying on their aprons to 'cook' in the playhouse!

Soon it was time to dye eggs.

I don't know what face JR is making. Mess.

Right after we finished the eggs we had to rush off to batting practice and JR's tournament game. We lost that game by 1 point, which was hard, but at the same time - it meant we didn't have to sit at the ballpark all day today. Find that silver lining right?!

So tonight, we were lucky because the B. family won their tournament and they were able to come over for dinner. We haven't seen them in so long. Isn't having friends where you can just pick up like you just saw each other 10 minutes ago the best? We are so blessed.

We had a little egg hunt:

They just could NOT find this yellow/ brown egg. It cracked us all up! It was so obvious to us, but so hard to find to them!

After the kids were asleep, the Easter bunny visited.

Happiest Easters to you & yours!