Sunday, December 9, 2012

Picking Back Up....

........Just maybe not picking back up where I left off?

I feel so discom-blog-ulated.  :-)  Ha!  My dad, Papa, went into the hospital in the wee hours of Thanksgiving day with a terrible infection.  It took until Sunday, but they finally figured out what was wrong with him and did a small surgery on Sunday.  We are hopeful that he'll be home tomorrow.

But this meant that things kind of went haywire for a while.  So I"m not even sure what I've blogged, and what I haven't, so bear with me, while we go through the 'random.'

Our Miss A is 21!

I got to babysit these sweet girls one day in November..... so fun to have 4 for the day!

JR made a few masks in November - so creative!

Hospital pics.  Waiting to see Papa:

Thanksgiving night we went to our local botanical gardens to see their annual Christmas light display.  It's a drive through display, so I wore my pajamas - only to arrive and discover they have added a 'Santa' part where you get out and walk around at the beginning!  So out we went - me in my pajamas!

Back before Thanksgiving, I was lucky to help with ML's class Thanksgiving party- 

And Big Daddy and JR had one last "War Eagle!" day before the end of the season.