Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Fall is in the air and Fall Break is here to prove it! While I knew this would be our first "official" week long school holiday (what with JR starting Kindergarten this year,) what I didn't anticipate was how lonely we'd be with all of our friends and most of our neighbors off on vacation! We've missed you dearly and can't wait for y'all to hurry back and hear all about your trips.

In the meantime, we've made just about as many trips to Hobby Lobby as is humanly possible in a three day time span. Crafty seems to be the name of the game this week. We made this door hangar pumpkin for Miss Roberts, JR's amazing, super patient, kind (I could go on and on here with the adjectives) Kindergarten teacher. We have a few more things to go with it, but this was the first project.
Next we moved on to making cookies. This was one project I was dragged into kicking and screaming. Hot glue guns and paint pens?? I'm your girl.

Baking cookies? Not so much. But here's where I went wrong, you see last year, JR had an awesome Batman themed birthday party (if I do say so myself) and at one point in the party planning process I found some Halloween cookie cutters with the perfect Batman shaped "bat" cookie cutter. I threw them in the cart (at Hobby Lobby of course!) thinking, "Oh, I can make some great cookies for the party out of that!" Well, of course, guess who never got around to baking cookies for the party? (See above ~ once again the paint pens and glue guns won out!)

So, at the end of October, while packing all the other Halloween decorations away, I tossed in the cookie cutters. Well, low and behold what do my children find when we open the box this week?
And once they found them, it was non stop, relentless, unending - BEGGING. "Please, Mommy? Can we PLEASE make some Halloween cookies? Please?"
So finally I relented.
Please note that they both have their mouths open, talking at the same time.

Now when we began, the perfectionistic, Martha in me assumed we'd be making cookies that looked like the ones located at the bottom of these photos. I mean, hello - I wasn't expecting them to PIPE the icing, just spread the colored icing around nicely, without going too far (aka over the edge) and you know, pretty much just ice the perfect cookie.
This is what we got:

And they were beautiful. Each and every one of them. They all tasted yummy too! Perfect with a cup of tea on a cool autumn night.
Happy Fall Y'all!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

That pumpkin is adorable and I'm totally copying it! Completely!!
And I love your cookies. I think I've got a pumpkin cutter around here somewhere... but I'm pretty sure I have no icing to pipe!