Sunday, October 11, 2009

JR Photography Inc.

JR loves (and I mean loooooves) to take pictures with the "real" camera. Ever since the 'Cannon Powershot Incident of mid - 2009' we've only allowed him camera time while we are supervising his photography. But every once in awhile he manages to take a few while we aren't looking. The results are always amusing.

So what is a camera good for? Annoying your baby sister:

Crazy self portraiture - future Facebook profile pic?

Catching your mother in her workout clothes (which I would never wear all day long - nooooo, not me!)

Bothering the poor, sweet, sleeping dog.

And, nearly getting yourself attacked by the family cat.
Fun times.
Next Ansel Adams? We shall see.


Carrie said...

That's pretty awesome, though! Really! He's got a good eye! Things are framed well. Very cute stuff!