Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl & 6 Degrees

It seems I have football on the brain! But I'm pretty excited about the Super Bowl tomorrow mainly because of this guy in Blue right here:
His name is Jerraud Powers and once upon a time he was a part of the youth group I directed. Now, even though I was his Youth Minister, I didn't know him all that well. I think most of our bonding time was spent at the Dean's house, after a DHS home game, enjoying Mrs. Deans famous chocolate chip cookies.

We haven't kept in touch, and I can't call him my BFF, but I have enjoyed watching him play over the years. Even though this is his first year in the NFL, Rob and I were THRILLED when we found out he would be playing for Auburn University. (And just in case you think you don't know who Jerraud is, you do - he's that guy who was bitten on the hand by a police guard dog during the 2007 Auburn/ Alabama game. Yep. That guy - you remember him! Of course, he's also the guy who did this.) There are reports that Jerraud won't be able to play due to injury, but either way - when am I ever going to know (or have known) someone who plays on a Super Bowl worthy team?

So even though most Southerners, at least most Alabamians, will be cheering on the Nawlins Saints Super Bowl Sunday, I think I'll be pulling for the Colts {even if their quarterback did once play for "that" SEC team}.

Happy Super Bowl Everybody!