Sunday, September 4, 2011

Second Half

Wednesday was a much calmer day. No football practice, so we spent most of the afternoon/ evening at home! ML dressed up in celebration:

Thursday ML had her first playdate with a friend from her new school. I didn't get any pictures, but it was great! Then on to football and soccer.

Friday was a big day - Grandparents Day at school! JR had been looking forward to this for a long time! Usually my in laws come from Chicago for this (they have the last 2 years) but this year they decided to come for Big Daddy's birthday instead. The two events are really too close together for them to come to both, so it was just my parents attending this year. My dad had a meeting that ran long, so for the first time, it was just one grandparent for JR instead of 4! He was totally okay with it though!

No pictures from Grandparents Day - #1 because they asked the parents to 'stay away' if we could because of space issues in the classrooms and #2 because as soon as it was over, we had to high tail it over to the doctor to get JR's ankle inspected. We told my parents we would meet them for lunch at 12:30 and ran over to the doctor's office. Well, the doctor sent us for an x-ray and we had to take a rain check on the lunch with the grandparents.

Look at these poor children.

They did so well. By now it was almost 1:00 and still no lunch for these two! Our 11:30 appointment turned into a two hour ordeal! We had to go to the doctor, wait to be called. Wait on the doctor, see the doctor. Have the doctor send us to the xray place. Submit our paper to the xray place. Wait to be called. Fill out more paperwork and fork over the big moooonay. Then take our papers over to the actual xray place and wait to be called again. Fortunately, I think the man who came out to call the next patient saw us sitting there looking so pitiful and had mercy upon us, because he took JR right back with him and he was in and out in 10 minutes! Praise God!

By 1:30 we were chowing down on some cheap Chinese food! (They put us in the back all by ourselves....... I wonder why???? Ha!)

After lunch we ran home and packed. We finished just as Big Daddy got home and we were on the road by 3:30 headed to the Loveliest Village of the Plains - Auburn, Alabama!

Because of the fact that most hotels in Auburn require you to stay 2 nights on game day weekends, we actually spent the night in Lynette, Alabama. It was awesome - so close. If you need a recommendation on where to stay, hit me up!

We were up bright and early Saturday. War Eagle!

We had so much fun - Tiger Walk

Eagle soaring, band playing, cheerleader greeting, seeing old friends who are students now. It was great! Not to mention a great ball game! We came from behind in the last 3 minutes to win the game! Gah!

After the game, we followed the crowd to Toomers where we saw even more people we knew.

It was sad to see the trees so sick.
They stand as a living testament to how letting something small and insignificant (like a football rivalry) fester in your heart, can become a big ball of anger and hate and lead to acting in a way that is just unkind. So. Sad.

But we were there for the celebration! And we were thankful for a turn to throw the rolls,

and celebrate with our 'family.'

In case you didn't know - We're All In.