Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Half

Things are still swinging around here!

Monday we were up and at 'em - headed off to school. After school it was waaaaaaay beyond time for JR to have a haircut. The wonderful lady who usually cuts his hair doesn't work on Mondays and we just missed her Saturday afternoon. I wanted JR to have his hair cut before the first football game Tuesday night, so we went over to Big Daddy's office and walked down to the barber shop right down the street from him. JR LOVED it - mostly because he got to watch Disney XD the entire time.

He's not allowed to watch it at home because most of it is too mature for him and nearly all of it is way too mature for ML. I can't keep them away from a TV once it is on, so therefore the rule is - no Disney XD.

After the haircut I left JR with Big Daddy and they walked next door to his office to the Brick House to have some dinner, while ML and I headed home to eat and bake some brownies for her Kindergarten Open House!

The Open House was a ton of fun and I was able to meet even more kids in her class as well as their parents, which was so great. I finally got a picture of ML with her teacher, Ms. Atwater. ML LOVES Ms. Atwater - she really is the sweetest! ML gets in the car everyday singing songs and just so joyful! I think that says a lot about the school she is attending.

Tuesday it was back to school and then after carpools, we headed to the bank to drop off some things in the safety deposit box (like my birth certificate that I got back from the passport people sometime in March........ yep. Those kinds of things! Ha!) While I was there I remembered that I still had ML's birthday money from her great aunts and uncles in my wallet. Usually we deposit this money into her education IRA, but JR has had a savings account for some time and I thought it might be time to open one up for ML. The bank was offering to add $5 to any new savings account (a back to school special for 'junior' savers.) So we opened up ML's first savings account!

Then we headed to Wendy's to have dinner with Big Daddy. We had hoped for a sit down meal, but ran out of time. Once again I sent off one child with Big Daddy and I took off with the other. Big Daddy and ML headed to soccer practice from 5:15 to 6:00 and I headed to football with JR for his first game! But not before I picked up the cutest shirt my friend Hillary made for ML. More to come on that in a little bit.

Can't believe this is my kid!

We didn't win the game, but it was close. The parents of kids who played last year said these two teams were always #1 and #2 and they actually played each other for the area championship last year, so I think it was a toss up who would win anyway.

Here's Miss Priss in her shirt that my sweet friend over at Mint Julep Monograms made for ML. So awesome!

Finally, a pic of the new table for Katie. Nothing too exciting, but I'm pretty pumped! Looks like the whole front of our house will be getting a makeover.


Katie said...

Thanks for posting the picture of the table! I bought a house in July and my dining room table looks so pitiful with my little apartment-sized table. I've been looking at all the antique stores in Florence, but I haven't found the right one yet. I love yours--I hadn't thought about a painted table! If you don't mind, will you send me the lady's info on FB? I'll be in Florence this weekend and might need to make a trip your way to see what she has!