Saturday, November 19, 2011

November, November....

Look at me! I'm on a roll! Two posts, one week. Write it down. Ha!

So..... this is what JR looks like a LOT now......

nose in a book - can't stop reading to even walk into the grocery store, world might crash around him and he wouldn't even notice - in love with reading. And, I must admit, I love it. I loved to read when I was younger (still do love to read, but there's this tiny problem with free time.......) I loved getting lost in a book, being in a whole new world, experiencing life in someone else's shoes. Right now JR loves the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and anything Judy Blume.

And while we're talking about JR - I want to always remember this: Whenever the kids are about to get in trouble, we use the age old tactic of calling them by their full names to let them know that their doom is imminent. As in "JR Owens, you'd better stop that right now!" Well, it seems that whenever JR wants to 'call me out on the carpet' (or emphasize something to me), he says, "Mommy Owens!" With double emphasis on the 2 syllables in "mommy." Which I think is his version of calling me by my full name. Cracks me up! Every time!

My children LOVE to take pictures with my phone. I guess this is what I look like when I'm handing them something from the front:

(I've showered this week I swear.......)

And then there are the all important feet shots:

For his birthday, JR got my old iPhone, which now functions pretty much like an iPod touch. He uses it to communicate with his friends, but he has to use my app accounts, so I get lots of pictures like this one:

And then there are the fun shots we get while grocery shopping:

One weekend, my parents and sister & brother in law all drove up to Nashville to see Wicked. LOVE Wicked! But we had already seen it in Chicago, so I volunteered to stay home and babysit. We had a Pinteresting kind of day....

made some turkeys......

and then a banner I need to photograph.

ML loves her daddy!

And we love our Cgroupies! This is some of our Tuesday night Bible Study:

Last week was a crazy one. Which meant we all went different directions a different times, so ML and I had a dinner date one night.

And one night JR's school had a Skate Night, so we laced up and headed back into the 80's. I mean, we had a great time! Including ML skating ALL by herself for the very first time!

And then, last Friday, it was time for me to head off on a weekend retreat with 174 Middle Schoolers!

Thankfully only 3 of them were 'mine' for the weekend. It was an awesome time, I've never had such great discussion before - my girls are in 8th grade now and the just talked and talked. I love them so much - they are such a blessing!

The band that played at the retreat was called The Weight of Glory and they were AMAZING! The cellist in the group had performed at the CMA's Wednesday night with Rascal Flatts - how cool is that?!

That's her on the left w/ 2 of my small group girls on the right!
Not sure how cool it was coming from the CMA's to our middle school retreat, but she certainly sounded like she was happy to be there!

Their bass guitarist is a former member of our youth group, so we were pretty pumped.

I think their CD is on iTunes if anyone stumbles upon this blog and wants to look them up!

So much more has happened this month that I want to write down, but that's all for now! More to come.