Thursday, November 17, 2011

October Remembered

Man, I wish I loved to update my blog as much as I love to read them! Facebook totally wigs me out now, so I don't post as many pictures as I used to - making this blog the only way I can share pictures with our loved ones near and far, so here goes!

There were so many things I loved about our October, but I think it's the small stuff that I loved the most.

Like Chick Fil A before school with my favorite little girl:

And buying our first set of pom poms (because, after that trip to the Auburn game - guess who thinks being an Auburn cheerleader is her future career? Guess I'd better explain that it's more of a recreational sport than a full time job! Ha!)

And crafting with the kids. We made these door hangars for our teachers.

There were football pictures:

And first ever "big" school projects - hello Ancient Egypt!

And then of course there were bigger memories. Like a trip to Disney to celebrate JR's birthday (Yes, again!)

It was fall break for our whole school district, so we met up with lots of friends while we were there!

One of the many things I love about our trips to Disney now, is that we are able to slow down and take it more as a 'resort' and do fun things like play checkers after dinner. Or ride Big Thunder Mountain during the fireworks (best thing ever!)

This picture cracks me up, because it totally captures this stage of JR's life. He loves all the Disney characters, but lately he's been trying to act like he doesn't enjoy any of the 'girly' characters. Thus, this is the face I got when we met Alice at breakfast:

ML was so excited to meet Tiana!

We made some special memories this trip. The Saturday we were there it rained ALL DAY. And I'm not just talking a little rain. I'm talking a non stop downpour. I'm not going to lie - even though a rainy day at Disney is better than any other day at 'work', it was still pretty cold, wet and sometimes miserable. But the upsides were HUGE! As in, that night we had Fantasyland and most of the rest of the Magic Kingdom all to ourselves. I don't think I'll ever forget riding Space Mountain 4 times in a row without stopping. Or riding the teacups all alone. Or being the only (totally insane, completely crazy) people to ride on Dumbo!

Seriously. The only people on the ride!

Happy Birthday Big Guy!

And Halloween arrived and ML decided 2 days before that she wanted to be Alice. Yes. 2 Days. This would be the same girl who was offered an Alice costume at least 5 times while we were at Disney, but said every time, "No, I don't want to be Alice this year." Gah!

But luckily, ML has a grandmother who loves her more than life and is an amazing seamstress, so all was well.

This is ML at the 'character parade' at her school.

I have ZERO good pictures of JR on Halloween, but he went as a Rapper. Although, he was running around so much before Trick or Treating that he was hot and didn't wear his 'rapper' hoodie, so about halfway through the night he started telling people he was his friend Ben from school. - Hysterical!

And that was October!
This is just a tiny part of the beautiful view I get to see every day as I drive over the 'mountain' to take my kids to school. It is even more beautiful in October. How lucky am I?????


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Love your post! Thanks for cranking one out!!! :)

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Ha! Thank you for reading and commenting!