Monday, September 17, 2012

Just a little of last week

So many things going on!  I feel like we live in the car. :-)  Big Daddy and I always laugh when we think about how we wanted either 4 or 6 kids when we first were married.  I can't imagine!  I look at our friends with more than 2 and wonder how in the world they do it!  They have my respect for sure.  Here are some pictures I took of our week:

Grandma and Papa's house is evidently pure magic.  Butterflies:
 And the enchanted playhouse in the enchanted forest:

 I was the 'emergency' babysitter for some of my favorite little people!  Our 'old' Bible study group that we have been a part of for the last 3 years had their sitter cancel on them at the last minute, so I filled in and loved every second of it:
 JR's football game was a washout:
 You know what I love?  That you can take a picture of yourself on your iphone.  Who knew???  Great way to see if you look okay - ha!
 We went to 'pack night' for our local backpack ministry.  It was LOUD in there with all the paper bags and canned goods flying - a joyful noise though!
 JR's solar system project:

 I finally made it to my 9th grade girl's pep rally.  This is my co leader and I with our dance team girls, but we have girls in the band as well - so proud of all of them!

War Eagle! We headed down to the loveliest village this weekend.  
Lucky to have sweet friends who let us stay at the lake with them the night before:

We missed Tiger Walk, and after the game ML was dying to have her picture taken with a cheerleader.  Big Daddy ran into some friends whose granddaughter IS an Auburn cheerleader, so they told us to come with them and wait for their granddaughter:

So cute!

Well, while we were waiting on their granddaughter, out strolls JR's favorite player (with the tiny exception of Cam Newton) Philip Lutzenkirchen.  JR was speachless!  Philip was so kind though, signed JR's jersey and took a photo with him.  Made JR's week.  He has worn that jersey non stop ever since.  

We drove by Toomers.  So sad.

Yesterday, we went to the most adorable sheep themed mother/ daughter baby shower.  My friend Carrie put this together for her sister and I can't wait for Carrie to blog about this shower!  It's sure to be all over pinterest!  
They had a painting table for all the little girls:

 I mean, how cute are these take home gifts???

We also had an awesome dinner with some of our sweetest friends, and then it was off for a few more Sunday activities.
This kid cracks me up:

A great week!