Saturday, September 29, 2012

Teddy Bears and 80's Wear

We had a fun Friday!

ML had her 'Teddy Bear Picnic' Day at school.  I'm ML's room mom this year (JR's too, but that's another story!) so I got to be there!  I brought some blankets and all the other moms sent in refreshments and the kids had such a good time with their bears!

We walked down to the schools picnic pavilion, of course!

ML's Build a Bear from {our trip to Navy Pier} was the 'chosen bear' for the picnic!

After the picnic clean up, we headed to Target.  I needed a few last 80's touches for my friend's 80's themed 40th Birthday bash!

I guess 80's is the 'tween thing' because I found so much good stuff in the tween section of the Halloween area.

I busted out my hot rollers and my teasing comb.  My kids were so perplexed:

Ta-da (ta-daish? :-)  ML took my photo as Big Daddy was running late.  His plane had been delayed in Charolotte and we weren't even sure he would make it to the party.

ML wanted her picture taken too.  Wonder where she gets that pose???

The party was a BLAST!  Big Daddy made it:

And we had a fantastic time.  Happy Birthday L!