Wednesday, July 10, 2013

North by Northwest - June/ July Trip - Day 3 - Downtown Chicago

The next day ML was the first one up.  With 18 people sleeping in one house, we had to get her out of there fast before she woke up the entire crew!  So we dressed quickly and headed back to the club for breakfast.

A little golf course warm up.  It was soooo cool outside!  I couldn't believe it was less than a week from July 4th and I still needed a sweater.  Even for Chicago, that's cold!

On to the yummy breakfast!

After a great breakfast, we headed back to my In Law's house to open everyone's presents for ML.  Her actual birthday was the next day!

Then we took some photos:

And then we headed downtown!  First stop:  Adler Planetarium.  We were able to get in free using a reciprocal membership from our local science museum.  One of my favorite money saving travel tips is to know (or at least ask about) your reciprocal memberships.  We have been to some amazing museums for 'free' using the memberships we already have in our home town!

I can highly recommend the Adler's food court for lunch.  The food was fantastic and.....

the view was exceptional!

It was nearing dinner time when we checked into the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Chicago.  Our direct view out our window was another building, but look to the left or right and we saw this:

Uh Mazing.

I recommend the Renaissance highly.  We had a wonderful stay.  Absolutely zero complaints.

We were still waiting on some stragglers and all the kids wanted to do was go to the pool, so we headed down:


But finally we were all starving and we headed up to our rooms to get dressed and then down to the lobby to gather everyone together.

Sweet cousins:

When did he turn 14?

Seriously - when?!?!

 After dinner, we headed back to our hotel -  The view was even better at night:

:-)  - And we turned off the lights.  Tomorrow was ML's 7th birthday and we were going to take Chicago by storm!