Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Crazy

(I may never post from moblie again!  I can't get this space at the top to go away for anything.  Gah! :-)
We had a great, crazy busy weekend!
We started with two birthday parties on Friday afternoon. JR loved the high dive at the pool where his friend!s birthday party was hosted. He has no fear. 

Sweet friends. 

I dropped off JR at 4, then dropped off ML at 4:30, then went back to socialize and pick up JR, but he was invited to spend the night with his friend.  ML was at her party until 8:30, so Big Daddy & I got an unexpected date night. Score!

We went to one if our favorite places and then did a little shopping. Then I went to pick up ML. She had a blast at her party. My friend Jill had planned the ultimate little girl party - American Girl doll themed- and she pulled it off seamlessly. ML said it was the best party ever!

Saturday we got up & met my parents and nieces at the Space & Rocket Center.  

Then we all went to a local BBQ competition to eat lunch and support one of our favorite charities. 
I had to leave soon after to pick up ML from another birthday party (one of our friends was kind enough to take her to the party.)

And then we dropped off a friend at home and were off to our neighborhood cookout. It was cold and drizzling the entire time - on August 17!!!!!  I still can't believe this weather. We left once ML got out of the pool, her lips were blue from the cold!

Today, Sunday, was my & Big Daddy's turn to man the desk at the Small Groups station in the church lobby, so we did that and after church, I had a parent meet & greet for high school small group leaders. 

We had lunch at home & got ready for our young adult small group to come over. I had to do some grocery shopping & Big Daddy & ML had an Elvis music dance party. :-)

We went back to church to see one of JR's classmates be baptized. Let me tell you, I was a HOT MESS during that baptism service. 19 people were baptized and every story was so amazing - from the youngest child to the 62 year old man. It was how do you even describe what it's like to be in a room with that many people on fire for God publicly declaring their faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior???- however you describe it, that's what it was. :-). Amazing just doesn't seem like enough description!  I felt so blessed to be there. 
Finally it was time for small group - always a good time!  Love to laugh and grow in faith with those young adults!

Saturday marked 7 days until JR's football season begins!

And it also marked 14 days until the Auburn Season begins!!!!  War Eagle!!!!  We're riding the Gus Bus all the way to victory!  (We hope!  Ha!)  Here's to a new era!