Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Almost time!

Right now, the stands sit empty.....

And the press box is quiet and still......

But soon, there will be the sound of cleats on the crushed brick that lines the field.

And the roar of the crowd in the stands!
Let's Go Cubbies!

These pictures were taken during our tour of Wrigley Field 2 years ago. It was a wonderful experience and I recommend it to any Chicago visitor or baseball fan.

Here's hoping the "W" flies over Wrigley tomorrow! (If they get to play at all - there's a chance of snow -Yikes!!!) We were at the season opener last year in Atlanta, and let's just say...... things didn't go so well! Ha!

We're going to rush home from school to catch the last few innings on TV, and we're having some pretty special snacks to celebrate! More on that tomorrow!