Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spelling Bee

Like every mother, I think my children are exceptional, beautiful, and wonderful in every way, but I am still surprised some times at their many gifts. So, it was very unexpected when JR got into the car after school one afternoon and announced that he was 1 of 4 children in his grade selected to be in the local Spelling Bee!

I was so excited and immediately thought of the "Spelling Bee Dinner" highlighted by Melissa at A Little Loveliness. I knew I wanted to do something just as special for my son, to wish him good luck on the eve of his Spelling Bee.

So last Thursday night, our table looked like this:

Children's cups were purchased at Party City and decorated with scrapbooking stickers from Wal Mart. Straws were by Sugar Diva:

I was lucky enough to find this "bee" plate at Hobby Lobby for only $1.50! I considered purchasing a set for all of us, but decided to make the honored guest's spot at the table feel special instead:

Even our flowers were buzzing with excitement!:

Our menu consisted of Alphabet Soup, rolls, and petite fours. Yum!

I had trouble locating "ABC" pasta to make my own Chicken Noodle Soup (JR's favorite), so I substituted this household favorite:

Who doesn't love a petite four?

We are so proud of our Spelling Bee champ!