Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to Life

Not sure why, but for some reason, I just haven't wanted to post these pictures.

I should be MORE than excited about the kids going back to school. After all, I have about a million projects to finish that will go sooooooo much faster without all their 'help.' Like our office remodel. I still haven't even picked out a paint color!

(Neither of those colors are going to work BTW. The one on the left is waaaay too much like our bedroom paint color - not the look I was going for. And the one on the right? Can you say - Hello 1980's Country Blue? All it needs is a few pink painted hearts and we'd be set. This color falls under 'what was I thinking in the paint store?' Ha!)

but for whatever reason, I just haven't found the motivation to get these pictures posted!

Maybe it's been all the other things going on. Like Pinterest? Anyone else hooked?? I suddenly find myself wanting to scour our city for any type of bargain and paint it and turn it into something amazing. Like this lamp:

$4 at the thrift store. 1 hour and 1 awesome assistant later:

Love it! I know you can't tell by the photo on here, but it is the lightest green color, Sea Anemone by Martha Stewart, and I am in l-o-v-e.

We've also started into fall sports. This year we've taken the leap that every mother dreads - full contact football.

I can not believe that is my baby out there!

He looks so big!

And speaking of big, here, finally, are our first day of school pictures:

I'm not going to lie, it was a little difficult to focus these pictures through the tears:

Thankfully, my camera has an automatic setting.