Sunday, August 7, 2011


My parents used to have a bumper sticker on the back of our Ford Aerostar (yep, yep..... the old Aerostar!) minivan that read, "The best thing to spend on your children is time." True. that.

With that in mind, I put down my camera this past week and just enjoyed my time with my kiddos. The only images I will have to remember this sweet time are a few blurry iPhone pics. It was our final week of summer and we celebrated in the most summer-y way we knew how.

By nearly giving ourselves a heat stroke braving the masses at the Mouse House:

And by cooling off in the best pool in the whole world:

And having even more fun in the sun at the beach:

And so, we bid a fond farewell to Summer 2011. It has been one amazing summer, one we won't forget any time soon! This week we start Kindergarten and Second Grade. Where does the time go????

These are days you remember.