Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 - Take One!

We had a great new year! We spent New Year's Eve celebrating the birthday of my dear friend, Ms. Susan. So excited to celebrate with her, as this was the first year in a long time that we weren't in Chicago for NYE.

All of our decorations are down and the house looks a little sad and empty. Look at all the space our tree was taking up in the family room!

New Year's Day seemed kind of off to me this year. No Tournament of Roses' Parade, church, etc. Different for sure. But we still had our greens and black eyed peas, cornbread and ham! Yum!

Today was a BIG day for ML. About a year ago, she first brought up having her ears pierced. We went over what having your ears pierced encompasses (including how much it might hurt) and she decided she wasn't ready. Well, for about a month now, she has asked every. day. if she could have her ears pierced. I kept putting it off. "Wait until after Thanksgiving." Wait until after Christmas.", etc. But she was relentless.

So with JR back at school, today was the day. I called all the local jewelry stores, but no luck. Our only ear piercing options were Claire's in the mall or a tattoo/ piercing place (Um. No thank you. I think they'd laugh us out of the place! Haha! A total suburban mom and her hairbow wearing daughter? Hysterical!)

So off the Claire's we went.

It was fast and easy. ML did cry, but she LOVES her earrings and she's shown them to absolutely everyone who will slow down long enough to see them. We went to Target and she showed them to everyone we saw. Love it!

New year and already new things.


Jennifer said...

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