Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lost & Found

Long time, no blog. Not that I haven't had much to say. (If you know me, you know that's impossible! Ha!) And not that I haven't had much to report - it's crazy as usual around here. :-)

But you see, I no likey blog posts with no pictures and I figure all 7 of my readers (even you Russians -lol) feel the same way! And Big Daddy messed up my iPhoto big time last week. So badly, I couldn't even access my pictures. He says it wasn't his fault, but really - he was the one who started the mess, so it's just easier to lay the blame on the person closest to the fall out zone - right???? Ha!

In reality, he used his fancy schmancy Mac Book Pro to access some pictures on my simple ol' Macbook and it threw my computer for a loop. All of the sudden my computer was too big for it's britches. Kept asking me to 'upgrade to a higher version of iPhoto" all because Big Daddy had used a higher version of iPhoto to "edit the desired photos." We said to heck with that and eventually got around to asking all of our nerdy friends what to do - and someone knew the answer - Score! (I knew there was a reason I loved living in a city of engineers!)

We did recover all the pics though - even the oldest ones. This is from our first trip to Disney waaaaay back in 2008:

Despite all my complaining about the lack of iPhoto access, I have very few photos to share.

We had a great time over MLK Day weekend - We had some great 'new' friends over for dinner - here's a shout out to Last Morning's Adventures

We went to see Beauty in the Beast in 3D with the cousins. Which I loved.
I mean, really. Is anything more (cinematically) awe inspiring than that pan down shot of the chandelier in the ballroom while Beauty and the Beast are dancing??? I think not. ;-) And that Rapunzel short at the beginning? Hysterical!

We've had some playdates, etc. Just normal stuff.

Big Daddy has started on JR's 'new' room:

I bought ML a new dresser and lined the drawers with fabric:

And Miss Priss keeps me laughing. Today she asked me to take this 'family' picture. Then she asked to see it. After viewing the photo, she said, "It's pretty good, but too bad the kids (her dolls) are looking down instead of at the camera." And she was dead serious! Hysterical!

Happy Sunday Funday everyone!