Monday, January 9, 2012

Sleep Overs

It was a weekend of sleepovers at the Owen's House! On Friday night, JR spent the night with a good friend from school. Big Daddy, ML and I cooked dinner and had a quiet evening at home. (It's always much quieter with JR gone. LOL He's got one of those loud voices and will always be one of those people who will never be able to truly whisper. Bless it. :-)

Saturday, Big Daddy and ML were able to spend the night at the McWayne Center. Judging by the pictures they had a pretty awesome time!

They saw an IMAX movie -

about Haiti (total God thing!) - and were able to do all kinds of other fun things. Big Daddy sent me movies of ML doing a zip line and a HUGE slide and all kinds of other things. So amazing to think my 'baby' is old enough to do all of this stuff!

It was a dads and daughters event, and Big Daddy said there were at least 100 other girls there. ML had a blast.

While ML and Big Daddy were gone, JR had a friend spend the night at our house. I hadn't really planned to cook, knowing the Big Daddy and ML would be gone, so we went to a local Mexican restaurant and had a good time eating chips and salsa and way too much other food and listening to some live music.

Sunday was dreary. After church, Big Daddy had a meeting, so the kids and I just vegged and ML and I ended up napping most of the afternoon. We woke up just in time for the best spaghetti ever, cooked by Big Daddy. :-)

Hope your weekend was just as great!