Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chicago Day 1 - Happy Birthday ML!

Sunday was our first full day in Chicago.  It also happened to be ML's birthday!  At home, we start the day with special decorations throughout the house and a special breakfast.  When we arrived in Chicago, my nieces had already decorated the house with Rapunzel themed birthday decor (ML's new favorite princess!) and it was a welcome, festive sight.

Our plan was to attend the 2pm Cubs game at Wrigley Field on Sunday, so my MIL planned a celebratory brunch at their country club for ML's birthday.  We arrived to a private room and the table was decorated beautifully!

Presents from the cousins

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Our plans to attend the baseball game were put off by a sudden thunderstorm.  We waited out the rain at my in laws house and once the storm passed decided it was too late to head over to Wrigley (boo!) but we did have time to visit the law library at DuPaul University.  JR is named after Big Daddy's uncle, for whom the law library is named.

Big Daddy and JR with Uncle Vinn's portrait:

Afterward we walked around for a bit.  Despite all our trips to Chicago, we've never been to Millennium Park, so we walked over:

I love this pic of JR walking around with his earbuds in like a local:

We visited the famous 'Mirror Bean' sculpture

And stopped by the Museum of Art gardens:

I love this pic of ML and Big Daddy talking on the posts:

It was a great Chicago day!