Friday, July 13, 2012

Chicago Day 4 - It's Independence Day!

Like most places in the country, July 4th dawned bright and hot in Chicago!  We were up early for the annual Kiwanis Children's Parade in Big Daddy's hometown.  My MIL had gathered scooters for all of the cousins.  She also took everyone to get a new helmet.

It was a long wait for the parade, I *may* or *may not* have hopped in the truck for a few minutes to cool off in the air conditioning (something I never do, I'm such a tree hugger usually and don't want to waste the gas!) and took this picture from inside the truck:

Finally  the parade began!

After the parade, we all headed to the Pancake House for breakfast - yummy!

Like a kid in a candy store......

After a long rest at my in laws house, we headed back over to the club for the 4th of July festivities there.  
My favorite - a Shirley Temple (or kiddie cocktail as they call it there :-) and a water.  I'm so adventurous.  And grown up.......  :

It was nice and cool inside!  They had the cotton candy and the snow cones set up outside though.....

I swam for a little bit.  But Big Daddy was the star of the show:

The kids had a good time on the golf course waiting for fireworks.  ML found this sand rake somewhere......

Cousin time:

And finally...... Fireworks!

It was a fabulous 4th!