Monday, July 23, 2012

Mr.Big Stuf - Who do you think you are?

So.  After a few short hours at home, I got on a bus (a very *late* bus) headed for Panama City Beach, Florida with 110 teenagers from my church.
I wasn't supposed to be on this trip, but I lead a small group of rising 9th grade girls.  My co-leader wasn't able to go at the last minute and we wanted one of us to be on this trip with the girls, so it was up to me!

It ended up being the longest trip to PCB ever.  First the buses were over an hour late.  Then our bus had problems and we had to get a new bus in Birmingham.  It was a trip.  In more ways than one!  But soon enough, we were at the beach!
Big Stuf is a week long camp:
We have morning and evening worship sessions:
They have fun stuff (like the Skit Guys and Family Feud style games, etc.)
Amazing Worship:
And great speakers.

And every afternoon, you have free time:

There was also beach worship and quiet time:

Dinner out w/ other chaperones:
Big Stuf does amazing mission work through the 410 project.  Here you can pay $15 to send a Bible to a child in Africa:
At our camp we gave over 1,000 Bibles.  I was so impressed because if every student in our group gave a Bible, it meant we represented 1/10 of the Bibles given!  Awesome!

Before we knew it, we were on our way home!
It was a great week filled with spiritual renewal!  Now we are all fired up to do Big Stuf!