Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 Weeks of Crazy

First - see post below - urgent prayer needed!

For my IRL friends - next year when I say something like "I can't wait until it's summer and things calm down." Please smack me in the head - okay? LOL! It has been CRA-ZAY. And I know it's busy everywhere else too.

Last week, JR spent the week at the Camp where Big Daddy and I met 9 years ago this summer. Such a sweet feeling driving in there with my own child to drop him off for a week of (day) camp! Bittersweet though in that I'm no longer a 'cool' counselor. Instead now, I'm an OLD mom of a camper! Ha! :-)

So last week was a blur, but this week we have Art everyday and we have something else fun most every day too.

Yesterday we went to a local rural school to help distribute lunches to children in need. I did this for the group of 7th grade girls that I work with at my church (it was our service project) but I brought the kids along to help. I knew it would be an eye opening experience for them and that they would have a good time.

Love my small group girls!:

Also - this week is CRAFT CRAZY! ML's mermaid birthday party is Saturday - so excited! Just have to finish up 1000 ideas I have. Is that too much to ask? Heehee! A preview of ML's ribbon topiary:
Here's hoping it will look better once it's finished!