Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mermaid Party

Well, today was ML's Mermaid Birthday Party! We had a great time and are so thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate with us.

This party was so fun, but difficult at the same time. Difficult because there are so many cute mermaid party ideas out there, it was hard to pick just a few things to incorporate into ML's party. It seemed that there were 2 basic color scheme choices: pale pink/ peach with creams and whites or turquoise and green. Since 'the' Little Mermaid, Ariel, was the original inspiration for the party (what little girl doesn't love The Little Mermaid?), I chose to go with the turquoise & green.

This wreath greeted party guests:
Once inside:

Finished! ribbon topiary:
Cake & Candy table (sorry the plastic wrap is still on the Swedish Fish! - ooops!):

Mermaid cake - my very first time making a cake for my children. It's not perfect, but it turned out okay and ML thought it was awesome, which was all I cared about!:

Sea Shells above the lunch buffet:
Fish Craft area:
Fishing Game - just your basic 'Fall Carnival' style throw the fishing rod over and get a small prize back type game. It just so happened that JR & ML's existing shower curtain fit perfectly with our theme!:
Some pictures of ML (& JR) with Ariel on our many Disney trips:
Beverage area:

I put ML in a sweet smocked mermaid shorts set, but as per her usual schedule, about 30 minutes into the party she had already stripped down and put on a princess dress:
It was wonderful fun and even though I can't believe she's 5! I am so thankful for my little birthday girl.


The Anglin's said...

So cute Erin! I love it!!!

JackJack said...

You did a beautiful job decorating, Erin! So sad we missed it. ML was a perfect MerSnowWhite! :) Chickfila for ice cream this week??

erinstwo said...

Thanks ladies!!!