Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baking, Crafting, and Baseball - Oh My!

It. has been. a week. QUITE a week, I tell you. It seems like I can't bake enough.

Blueberry muffins....... yummmmmmmm....... :
And not just muffins - cookies, cupcakes - the list goes on! What is with me and the baking?!

And then I got to make this fun stuff for JR's end of the season baseball party:

Have I ever mentioned how much I love being indoors in climate control? Whelp. Now might be a good time to mention it. Because to prove God has a sense of humor, I have been gifted with a boy who would rather be outside than any other place on earth. If we are at home, he wants to play in the front with his friends, or ride his bike, or play ball in the backyard. If there is an organized sport, he wants us to sign him up for it. The kid just LOVES the outdoors. Forget TV, video games, and all that jazz. Give this kid a bike and a ball and you won't see him for hours.

But back to me. Ha! Now that you know how much I love my air conditioning, maybe you can sympathize with the 6 - SIX!- games in over 90 degree heat we've been to over the past week. LOL!
JR digging in after another HOT game yesterday afternoon.

Big Daddy and ML waiting their turn:

Our awesome Coach giving a speech:
But of course, they weren't really serious when they said 'end of season party.' No, there was still the tournament to finish! And we kept on winning. (Did I mention it was HOT AS HADES?) So there was lots of this:

And ML did lots of this:
And in the end we came in 2nd - losing in the last game. So proud of these boys and their coaches!

ML was a total mess. Snowcone dye on the lips:

Hairbow missing, dirty sticky hands:

And oh my word, those feet! :

Loading up the bags one final time:

So proud of my little Nat! Way to go JR!!! It was an awesome season (did I mention it was also a HOT season??) - so proud to point out on the field and say "There he is! That's my son!"

Love you!