Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas cookies

So much has happened in just 2 days! I guess that's the holidays for ya - uber busy and never a dull moment. We decorated cookies Monday night. I'm usually such a control freak when it comes to cookie decorating, but at Christmas I try to loosen up - on purpose - because I have such fond memories of helping my mom ice cookies at Christmas and I want my kids to have those same fun memories.

Well, I must have loosened up a bit too much because it was like a bomb exploded in the kitchen. There was icing on everything and sprinkles were everywhere.

The craziest thing though, was the green food coloring that inexplicably ended up all over the WALL, floor, and ML's feet??????? I still don't know how it happened!

Somehow I made it through without blowing my top (Totally an answered prayer from earlier that day! Thank you Lord!) and still managed to make these cookies, destined to be party favors for the party we were having on Tuesday.

If you are here looking for icing tips, you can go here to find my favorite links to royal icing tutorials!

Monday night our Elf on the Shelf ended up being held hostage by our Lego men. Another great Pinterest idea!

Tuesday morning dawned bright and early (there's a reason I look so tired in the picture at the bottom of this post - remember that and be kind okay? :-) We were so excited because I got to babysit Baby B. Tuesday.

We all packed up and went to see ML's Christmas program at school that morning.

It was great!

This is my super tired pic.

At home we got ready for the party (pictures to come) and got ML ready for dance. She wanted me to take a picture of her and ballerina Barbie in their matching outfits.

Remember those balloons our Elf arrived with? He left them for us, and this is what JR and ML did with them:

So cute!

Party pics to come!