Friday, December 9, 2011

The Time Has Come

The days are flying by. I know we all say it and, for the most part, I know we all mean it. But I just made my last 'album' in iPhoto for 2011. Yep. Twenty ELEVEN.

Not news to most of you, but to me - If I sit with it for more than just a moment, I'm in shock. Eight years - eight short years since I became a mother.

(My then 7 year old)

Nine years - nine amazing, perfectly imperfect, exhilarating years since I became a wife.

(ML at the playground of the camp where Big Daddy and I met)

Wasn't it just 2003, like........ yesterday? I think I had just recovered from my fear of Y2K.

Every night when I go to check on my children after they are asleep, I am faced with the enormity of what all these little moments, all these short, busy hours really mean.

They mean life - the joys, the sorrows, the things people write book about - is lived in the blink of an eye. I've resolved to buckle my seatbelt and start paying attention more to the those around me.

On a totally different note.......Elf on the Shelf has come to live at our house and I'm excited.

I LOVE crafting - problem is - I'm not creative! Enter Pinterest. Endless ideas - woo hoo! Elf on the Shelf comes with endless Pinterest ideas, so I'm pretty pumped.

Our Griswald tree - it honestly takes up 1/4 of the living room.

We don't really 'do' Santa. - I should clarify. We 'do' have Santa gifts and our children 'do' believe there is a Santa, but not because we've ever told them there was one. When our kids ask us about Santa, our one and only answer is: "Santa represents the love of Christ. The love that Christ showed to us by coming to earth in human form to provide a way for our salvation." Period.

Which leads to some interesting conversations: "Mommy, how does Santa go to all the houses in one night?" "Weeelllll....... Santa represents love. The love that Christ showed us by coming to earth in human form to provide a way for our salvation." (You can see how weird conversations like this might lead our children to believe that we are completely crazy...... Ha!) And I just keep repeating that until they are either happy with that answer or so totally confused that they go in search of a sane adult end the conversation.

But JR has heard all about the Elf on the Shelf from his classmates and he REALLY wanted one. Kept asking for one every time we saw the boxes at Target. "Mommy, can we buy an elf? Please?" Really? BUY and elf? So we talked it over.

"You want me to BUY you an elf?"
" An ELF. That I'm BUYING."
"An Elf in a BOX."
"What exactly is an elf doing in a box?"
I don't know - playing Monopoly with the other elves or something?

Ha! That kid cracks me up! And I don't have to worry about all the 'don't touch the elf' and 'the elf is magic' stuff because JR totally knows I am going to be the one moving him around. He just wanted one. So we're off on an elfin adventure!

And I'm off to start my 2011 photo book..... sniff, sniff....

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