Thursday, October 25, 2012

Texas Trip Day 3

On our third day in the great state of Texas, I was itching to take the kids to do something very "Austin-ish."  But it needed to be something that the kids would enjoy too.  
Ever since we visited the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield this summer, our kids have been very interested in history.  So when my sister in law mentioned that she could get us on a local military base to visit the military museum, we were up for it!

They had so many neat things in the museum.  Like this silver set.

The kids were thrilled with the hands on things - like climbing into this cockpit.

And trying on some military outfits:

After a couple of hours at the military museum, we headed further downtown.  JR was dying to visit the 40 Acres, so we drove by the Longhorns stadium.  We circled around a few times, trying to find a visitor parking spot, but since classes were in session, none were too be found.  So I ended up just pulling up to a curb, and waiting with the car running while my sister in law and JR jumped out to take this picture/ look at the stadium through these gates.

After the visit to the Texas campus, we headed to the Austin Children's Museum.

It was a rather small museum, but the admission price was very reasonable, and the kids had a ton of fun:

This was probably their favorite room at the museum, the craft room.

JR and my sister in law built this 'hat.'  You can leave your creations in the museums display cases, so if you see something similar to this at the Austin Children's museum, then it's our hat!  :-)

We stopped by Austin City Limits and took a picture with Willie for Big Daddy.  He loves to watch ACL on Friday nights.

And then we headed home to carve pumpkins!

And climb trees?

But mostly carve pumpkins:

Ta Da!  These were the most complicated pumpkins I had ever carved!  I'm more of a '2 triangles for the eyes and a half moon for the mouth' kind of girl.  :-)  But they turned out great!

After a nice dinner, it was time for bed and getting ready for another great day!  Big Daddy would be flying in the next day and we had big plans!