Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fleeting October

It never fails that October flys by.  With the week off for "Fall Break" (which we love!) and JR's birthday, plus getting ready for Halloween, the days just seem to zoom past us.  
Early in October, I had the chance to go with ML on her first field trip of the year to the pumpkin patch:

 Everyone had a great time!

And on JR's 'actual' birthday, we had a birthday party to attend at a local outdoor mall.  This is so typical - one of my children is hot natured and one is not - can you guess which one?????  :-)

 ML and I enjoyed some yummy lunch beside the 'lake.'

It is so beautiful where I live.  Honestly.  I'm so lucky.
 I get to drive over this 'mountain' every day taking the kids to/ from school.  I love it!

JR had 'character day' at school.  He wanted to be Tom Sawyer, so I sewed a couple of patches to some old pants.
 But evidently my plan of stitching the patches on loosely so they would come off easily worked.  Because he had no patches left by the time I picked him up from school!  :-)

Last Friday night, JR and ML's school had a pumpkin patch night, so we went back to the pumkin patch one last time.  This is JR's picture of ML and I:

And this is ML's picture of JR and I:

The kids had a wonderful time:

Friday night I was up late working on a costume for Big Daddy and I for Saturday night....

But Saturday morning dawned cold and drizzly, so ML and I stopped for some Starbucks on our way to JR's football game:

And here's that costume I was working on!

These costumes were all my friend Carrie's idea.  She is soooo creative!

It was a Halloween "Road Rally" which is basically just a scavenger hunt for adults, but 1000 times more fun than any other scavenger hunt you've ever done!  It's something that has been done in our neighborhood for years.  So nice to have awesome neighbors!

I bought JR his first 'official' bow tie:

Yes.  THESE are my kids:

Hopefully, we'll be doing some hay rides on this beauty tomorrow night!

We carved our pumpkins this weekend:

I look like I'm grossed out, but I promise I'm not!

Last week, ML came home from school saying her teacher had made toasted pumpkin seeds with 'sprinkle cheese' and they were amazing.  I interpreted ML speak to mean that sprinkle cheese = parmesan cheese.   So when I toasted these seeds, instead of just sprinkling them with salt, I sprinkled them with salt and parmesan cheese.  And guess what?  They were amazing!

I was so glad that JR took this picture of our sweet KK.  I need to photograph her more often.

This was so typical - yuck, pumpkin on my hands!

But this was all new this year:

They worked on their pumpkins all by themselves for a good 30 minutes.  It was amazing!

Final results:

I bought some pillows for my front porch rockers and I really love the way they look!

They'll be greeting Trick or Treaters tomorrow night when they stop by.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!