Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Texas Trip Day 7 - Little Rock

We were a little sad to leave Texas.  We had a wonderful time there with my sisters in law!  We decided to drown our sorrows at 'The Czech Stop.'  (That yummy bakery between Austin and Dallas located in the tiny town of West, Texas!)  A few pastries later, we were on our way toward the Arkansas border!  
By 10 pm though, we were feeling a little tired, so we decided to stop north of Dallas for the night.  Well.  Weirdest thing, we couldn't find a hotel room!  We tried several exits before someone took pity on us and told us it was the UT/ Oklahoma football game at the Texas State Fair the next day - and to drive a little further north to find a hotel that wasn't booked.  We finally found one in Greenville - I highly recommend the Hampton Inn and Suites there!

The next morning we were off to an early start.  There were several things we wanted to do in Little Rock.  We considered a stop off at the historic Hot Springs, Arkansas, but read online that the state park part of it was closed for renovation beginning October 1, so decided against it.  Boy was I glad we didn't take the 3 hour detour for naught - always do your homework!  :-)

One place we REALLY wanted to see in Little Rock was the Heifer International Headquarters.  Located just a stone's throw away from the Clinton Presidential Library and the Riverfront district, we heard it was a great educational opportunity for the kids to learn about life (and poverty) in other parts of the world.
 They had a wonderful scavenger hunt that the kids loved completing.  And afterwards we spent a little time in the gift shop picking out some 'treasures.'  :-)

Next up was the Clinton Presidential Library.  We are a politically divided, but I can honestly say, no matter which party you vote for, this is a wonderful stop for anyone traveling through Little Rock.  We all loved it!
 I know the library gets a lot of flack for being "ugly" or "looking like a double wide trailer" but we thought the modern lines were beautiful.  And the inside.............

Well, the inside would take your breath away.  And all those windows?  They captured everything that is beautiful about Little Rock - the trees, riverfront, people.  It was wonderful.

Unbeknownst to us, there was a Razorbacks game that night, so all the pizza places, etc. were already filled up when we arrived at the Riverfront district hungry and ready to eat.  We ended up at the Flying Fish (hey!  Disney reference anyone?! :-) and it did not disappoint.  I had the grilled chicken sandwich, ML & JR had the chicken fingers and Big Daddy had a shrimp basket he swore was some of the best shrimp he's had.

After all that food, we decided to do a little geocaching to walk it off before we got in the car to drive to Memphis.
 Wow!  Is the Riverfront area fun!  There is the great pedestrian bridge (above) and so much more I wish we'd have had time to explore in the daylight.

We did find this super cool playground and let the kids play for a minute.

They also had this cool splash pad area where some kids were running around enjoying the last few nights of summerish weather.

And all too soon, we had to pack up and head toward Memphis!  We loved our time in Little Rock though!  It is a wonderful, family friendly city and well worth a visit or stop!