Monday, March 19, 2012

Beautiful Weather!

The weather has been amazing!!! Our church has been doing a sermon series on being aware of the poor called "Blind." On Sunday, everyone was encouraged to walk to church, to help us realize how difficult it is to get around without transportation.
We go to a large church, but it's still kind of a neighborhood church, so we really could walk to church from our house, but we'd have to cross a busy highway. Originally, I thought we would park at the Nature Trail and walk from there, but with JR's illness, and ML and I running late, we ended up parking at Publix (the pre arranged parking spot for those who live to far away to walk) and walking from there.
It was a perfect day for walking! And even at her young age, ML and I were able to have some really neat conversations about how having a car is a blessing and how having a car makes things so much easier for us as a family.

When we got home, all the kids wanted to do was PLAY outside! So we let them do just that.

We have so many fun neighbors to play with! We are soooo lucky!

We ended up eating dinner out on the patio. First time this year and it was awesome!

Today ended up being rather interesting. ML was so excited to get back to school, but 30 minutes after I dropped her off, they called saying it looked like she had pink eye. BOOOO!

But it turned out to be a nice day. We had fun playing games at home and had a nice lunch with Big Daddy before heading to the doctor and then to pick up JR.
We ended the day playing in the back yard. Looks like nothing but sunshine in the future - it's like living in Arizona or California or Florida! And I'm loving it!