Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inside Out

Today we took it slow. JR is home with the flu of course and I kept ML home because I'm always terrified that my kid will be the one who starts an epidemic in their classroom. Ha! Seriously though, I would be so bummed if anyone caught something from us, so we're all quarantined until further notice. Or Monday. Whichever comes first.

We spent all morning and most of the afternoon inside. It's been so nice out that we were able to open the windows most of the day. Around 3, we couldn't stand it any longer and we headed out into the back yard.

ML had some bubbles that she had received at one of the birthday parties we went to last Saturday. She insisted on opening them herself. Which lead to the terrible disaster of ALL of her bubbles being spilled on the ground. I mean, WHY do they have to seal those things up like Ft. Knox???? Makes no sense. Do they enjoy torturing young children? They have to know that kids are going to want to get into them as soon as possible. (On second thought, I may owe the bubble packaging designers a debt of gratitude as well as clean car carpets, as I bet there would be bubbles all over my car right now if it weren't for that darn foil seal! Ha!)

Luckily, I remembered that I had a bubble machine sitting on a shelf in the garage. I really bought it last fall on clearance because I thought the batteries (included!) were worth more than the price of the machine. Woo!

ML was soooo excited when I brought this to the back yard.

Check it out. I am a clearance buying genius. Who knew?