Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Update

It has been busy, busy around the Owen's house! We are in SoFl with my in laws, hanging at the beach and missing Big Daddy terribly!

But here are some highlights of our week.

We got a letter in the mail stating that the computer that runs the hybrid battery on my Toyota had been recalled - yikes! So we took it in for service. It was one of those 'all day' type things, so Big Daddy came and picked us up and brought us to his office. His office is in one of those live/ work/ play communities, so ML and I spent the day at the playground, getting ice cream, and shopping etc. It was the most be-u-ti-ful day!

Always a happy, dancing girl!

Connect 4 came in our BK kids meal - how fun!

Playroom at Big Daddy's office.

We got new sunnys.

ML was tested for Kindergarten admittance!

And on our way down here, we stopped by Gainsville on the advice from a friend who went to med school (and possibly undergrad?) at U of F to see the stadium and eat at this awesome 'locals' place - Burrito Brothers. She said it was a hole in the wall, and boy was she right! If there hadn't been 500 'this parking isn't for Burrito Brothers!' signs around, we'd have never found it!

I know, I know - jorts. But JR has 'blue jean pass' day at school on Fridays...... :-(

So hard to find, but so yummy!

Up next Sunny??? FL pics!