Friday, March 16, 2012

Do Nothing Day

Today was another 'do nothing day.' JR is still in flu lock down and ML is still under surveillance for any symptoms (none yet - yay! So thankful!) So we kind of hung out in the living room all morning watching TV and playing games, etc.

For lunch I thought we could all use a change of scenery, so I thought we could hop in the car and go through a drive thru to pick up some food.

I have a very sweet friend, Sarah, whose son, Carter, was diagnosed with a brain tumor last October. Carter has had a long and difficult struggle thus far (please keep Carter in your prayers!) but one particular problem has been keeping Carter eating during the chemo treatments. The chemo made him feel so sick, he didn't want to eat. Some of Carter's favorite food is from a chicken chain called Bojangles. Some days Carter would ask for Bojangles food by name, but there is no Bojangles in Memphis, so there was no way to get Bojangles during treatment at St. Judes.

Well guess what? Yesterday, Bojangles mailed Carter a huge cooler full of hot, seasoned french fries, biscuits, and all sorts of other goodies. Yay!!!!

So to show my appreciation, the kids and I went and ate at Bojangles for the first time.
And can I just say - it was AMAZING!!! I am totally going back. Those seasoned fries are the bomb. The bomb I tell you.

After lunch there was some more swinging in the back yard.
She loves the swing set. It was our Christmas gift to the kids this year. Best present ever, thus far.

Mr. Mess himself wasn't into posing for photos any more. Further proof that he's feeling so much better.

Well, I'm off to track a pot of gold! Hope your St. Pat's Day is magical!