Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baseball, baseball

This weekend was our last weekend of baseball.  While I won't miss the hectic schedule, I am going to miss the fun of the ball park!  The snowcones, the candy, the popcorn and the friends and neighbors to chat with make baseball a season we enjoy.  Saturday morning I wanted to do something a little special, but low key, for JR's last baseball game, so I reused this craft paper pom and made a little banner with the name of his team and a small sign for his place a the breakfast room table.

These photos, taken by our dear friend, are some of my favorites (and only!) from this season:

 I love this one, because one of JR's closest friends is on 3rd base and JR is right behind him, read to field the ball.
 Can you see my super tall red head????  :-)

 Love him to the tip of his nose!

 Look at those long legs run!

 Yes, we will miss the sweet times with friends at the ballpark.....

...... but we are already enjoying the adventure of summer!