Monday, June 11, 2012

Luau Baby Shower

Friday night we hosted a Luau Baby Shower for our dear friends.  Our friends LOVE (love, love!) Hawaii and vacation there a few times each year.  They love it so much, they decided to name their soon-to-arrive daughter a Hawaiian name.  So when we decided to throw them a surprise baby shower, we decided to do it at our neighborhood pool and clubhouse.  With a pool in the background and a Hawaiian named baby,  Luau seemed like the only theme to go with!

I found these adorable stickers in the dollar section of Target.  Paired with some craft paper, they made great cupcake toppers!

Dessert table:
Food table:

JR LOVED the punch!
Opening presents:

These wreaths greeted visitors:
I found everything on the wreath at the dollar store!  Both bathing suits were only $1!  I could hardly believe it!
It was a great time.  We can't wait to meet baby Alana!