Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

You may wonder how Big Daddy got his name.  
When JR was born, he was average weight, but he grew quickly.  He was soon in the 90th or above percentile for weight and height and he's pretty much stayed that way.  Since neither Big Daddy nor I are very 'big,' people often wondered aloud where JR got his size from.  The honest answer is we just don't know.  But, as an inside joke, we did start calling JR "Big Big."  

He's a little goofy (ha,ha,ha!)
Fast forward a few years and ML comes along.  Somehow, somewhere along the way in her first year, she crossed "Big Big" with "Daddy" and "Big Daddy" was born.  Everyone thought it was hysterical that ML called Big Daddy "BIG Daddy" and it just stuck.

Big Daddy is an amazing Father.  He coaches their teams:

 He dances with his daughter:
 He carves pumpkins........

and takes them camping, and roast smores, and chases lightening bugs, and brings out the telescope and shows them the stars........... and on and on.
Big Daddy is just the greatest!

We love you Big Daddy.  Happy Father's Day!