Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Camp

This week, JR went to summer camp!  At our favorite camp in the world, the camp where Big Daddy and I met all those years ago........

JR and his counselor this week:
It was a day camp, so ML and I had to drive him down every morning and pick him up every afternoon.  

ML and I had lots of fun while JR was at camp.
We went to the McWayne Center:

They had a 'special' Dora/ Diego exhibit brought in from the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  ML was *almost* too old for it, but she still had tons of fun!
She especially loved the 'animal care hospital' part:

JR was all worn out from camp each day.  This is pretty much the view in my rearview mirror every evening.  :-)
The next day, ML and I visited the Zoo while JR was at camp. This zoo hasn't always been my favorite. I always felt like the animals were crowded into small pens - it made me feel sorry for the animals.  I've changed my mind now!  They have really spent a lot of money improving the zoo and animal habitats!  It's a wonderful place to visit.
ML loves the zoo carousel:
And the petting zoo:
And this big bubble thing they have next to the water features!:

We also rode the zoo train:

On Tuesday night, we hurried home because some of our c-group friends were coming over for a game night!

We had a blast!
The rest of our week was spent driving (me :-), going to camp (JR :-), or visiting friends (ML & me :-).  It was a fantastic week of summer!