Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ballet Recital

ML's ballet recital was this past week.  
We had a special dinner:
 I may or may not be the worst cake decorator ever.  :-)  Hobby Lobby cake decorating class here I come!  I DID make the cake and icing - does that count for something?  :-)

Miss Priss in her recital outfit.  Our ballet school believes in minimal costumes and sets for recitals so that the dancer's technique and progress are showcased (instead of the costumes and sets. :-)

My parents joined us for dinner - and dancing - haha!

Sweet Lu and ML

These two are so much alike it's almost scary:

So proud of our sweet girl!

I was taking a video of ML's dance, so I didn't get any photos of her performing.  Which is okay, because my photography skills are lacking, but I did get this one of some of JR's school friends:

Everything is beautiful at the ballet!  ~ A Chorus Line