Sunday, June 9, 2013

June Trip - Days 4-6 - Beach Time!

Days 4 - 6 were mostly resting and beach days. 

We noticed that the red flag was out every day we were at the beach. 

We went along enjoying the beach and not going into the water much. 

Then, on Thursday, I caught a short blurb on the radio about swimmers in distress in the panhandle. Sounded like there were red flags up there too. 

Finally on Thursday night Rob texted FROM HAITI to ask if I knew about the tropical storm warning. 
Oh. Um. Oops. 
We hadn't turned on the tv all week!  I had no clue. 

Luckily the worst passes us overnight. We had to dodge a few tornado warnings on the way back to Ft Lauderdale, but it ended up being all good. 
So thankful for a great time at the beach!