Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ML's 7th Birthday Party!

ML's birthday party fell on the Saturday after the Friday that was the last day of VBS.  (Are y'all following me here?  :-)
That translates into:  I was tiiiiiiiirrrred!   
But, ML had decided she wanted a 'real' birthday party this year and most of her school friends were coming, so it was time to throw this party together!

ML wanted her party at our neighborhood clubhouse.  She wanted a Luau theme with pink and green and she wanted everyone to bring a doll or animal.  (?????? on that last part!)  Then she decided she didn't want it to be a swim party.  So, despite the invitation saying "Splish, Splash, You're invited to ML's Luau Bash" we went with non swimming activities.  We rented a bounce house.
I found awesome coloring pages at the Lilly Pulitzer store.  They were color and punch out necklaces, bracelets, etc. with big Luau flowers on them!  Score!  Sadly, there are no pictures of said coloring sheets.  I barely took any pictures at all!

We also had a make your own bead and Luau flower necklaces craft.

ML wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  We found the perfect cake at Publix.  I LOVE the look in ML's eyes in this photo:
totally sums up how she felt about that cake!  Ha!

It was such a fun party and we had such a great time.
So thankful for all of our friends who could be at the party!

Happy Birthday ML!