Monday, June 24, 2013

VBS 2013

No rest for the weary!
We returned home from our amazing journey and headed straight into a week of VBS at church!

We were so excited to see our friends!

I was asked to teach Faith Skills this year.  I was really excited about it!  We were teaching the kids things like how to use your Bible, how to talk to God (prayer), etc.  These were all things I was so excited to share with the kids that came to VBS.  I was working with 2 other *fabulous* communicators though, so I felt a little intimidated.  Public speaking is absolutely not my thing!  But God's grace covers all and we had a great week and I loved watching the other two faith skills leaders teach!

Almost all of my small group girls volunteered at VBS.  Love them so.  Can't believe they'll be going into 10th grad this fall!

Sound booth instagram.

School Friends!

Sweet cousins.

I posted this on Facebook, but it's so true.  Miss D was ML's VBS small group leader and ML just loved her.  It's like life full circle, seeing one of my small group girls become my daughter's small group leader.  I heart that!  :-)

Not sure how this will turn out - I don't upload many videos, but I thought this turned out super cute, I made it using an iPhone app: