Monday, June 3, 2013

June Trip - Day 1 ~ Savannah

We've started on our first summer trip.  We are driving Big Daddy down to Ft. Lauderdale where he will leave on his trip to Haiti to see the neighborhood his company has built by providing funding for the construction of homes for Hatians.  
It is such a blessing. 
I posted this on Facebook, but it bears repeating here.  Big Daddy's trip is nothing short of the grace of God.  Our company is three years old.  It started in the middle of a recession, a housing downturn, and yet somehow it has been profitable enough to build an entire neighborhood in Haiti, using the 1 for 1 model.  For that, all glory goes to God!

We spent Friday night packing up and Big Daddy and I were up until the wee hours.  THEN a couple of people (under 5 feet tall) woke up at 5 am - which is what I would consider a wee hour.  :-)  So we were tiiiired when we left home.

But a few hours and one stop at the Varsity in Downtown Atlanta later, we arrived in Savannah.  We arrived at dinner time.  I knew we'd only have a few waking hours in Savannah, so we narrowed it down to a few places of interest.  One was seeing the John Wesley sights.  As a life long Methodist, it was a chance to see some of the places I'd heard about growing up in the church.

We wandered around a few squares waiting for our dinner reservation time:

We ran into this balloon artist and ML really wanted a balloon creature, so we waited our turn.

It turned out this guy didn't just do the regular dog or cat.  He could do Disney characters, superheros, just amazing things!  I think the Tinkerbell was the best:

Two months ago, I made dinner reservations at Lady and Sons, Paula Deen's restaurant in downtown Savannah.  I know it's touristy and gets mixed reviews, but I really wanted to go there and try the food.  Kind of a been there done that thing.
Love him.  So. Much.

Savannah, I discovered, is an area full of fantastic restaurants, many of them 'foodie' type places.  Lady and Sons is more of a meat and three type place, although it is priced well above meat and three prices (I'm sure the costs of owning and operating a 150 + year old building in the historic district of Savannah has something to do with those costs. :-)  There were several kids there in cap and tassle, celebrating graduations with their families.

Everyone but ML had the buffet.  ML had the chicken tenders.  Of course.  Because chicken tenders is one of ML's three food groups.

It was all sooooo good.  We rolled out of there!  We read several online reviews on our way to Savannah.  Not all of them were good.  I can see where someone with refined tastes, who doesn't like a good Southern restaurant might think the food here was over salted or too plain, but for us it was really, super good.  Y'all.  :-)

We wanted to take a carriage ride, but the only carriage ML was interested in was booked for a wedding.  So after some tears, ML settled for petting the horses.

We continued to walk for the (endless miles) 8 city blocks to Forsythe Square, my other 'must do.'

We saw this awesome church building.  It is part of the Church of Scotland.  I found it  so interesting how many people came here for religious freedom and how the English crown allowed and even encouraged that freedom.  Especially in contrast to the feelings of the Spanish crown we would see the next day, but more on that later.......

A little rest:

Big Daddy was really into these stucco row houses, so I took a few pictures he requested.  This red door is fabulous anyway.

The whole time we were walking, telling ML we were trying to get to Forsythe Park, she kept asking when we were going to get to the swings.  :-)  We tried to explain to her that it was actually a park, not a playground, but she wasn't having it.

Well, once we arrived at Forsythe, imagine our surprise when we found a fantastic playground!

The kids were fascinated by the Spanish Moss.

When we left the park, we caught a pedi cab (bicycle cab) back to Reynolds Square where we had parked the truck.  Totally worth the money not to have to drag two complaining children through the (now) dark streets!
We headed just outside of Savannah for the night.  The next day we were Ft Lauderdale bound!  With a few stops along the way.....