Monday, May 21, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation Party

Last Friday, we celebrated ML's Kindergarten Graduation.  I wanted the morning to be special for her from beginning to end, so we did some fun things to celebrate.  Inspired by the "One Smart Cookie" printable, I baked ML a giant breakfast cookie (Okay, oatmeal cookies count as breakfast, right?  Right?  Even with chocolate chips?) to start her day in a celebration style. 

After ML's Kindergarten Graduation, we returned home to have a quick celebratory lunch with my parents at our house.  ML had requested a taco bar.  I made the fajita chicken and ground beef the night before and put it out in the warmer (essentially like a giant crock pot! :-) before we left for graduation!  It worked perfectly.  I really love this warming tray/ server.  It was a gift from my parents many Christmases ago and we use it all the time to entertain!

I set up a little dessert bar to celebrate our graduate.

Cupcake topper printables found here:  (sorry you'll have to copy and paste - I can't get the link up thing to work in this new blogger - it will NOT let me paste!  Boo.)

Congratulations ML!  We love you!